Exquisite Beauty Emporium, LLC

Beauty supply store that carries luxurious mink bundles, mink wig units, mink closures, mink frontals, mink lashes and glamorous beauty supply products.

Website : www.theexquisitebeautyemporium.com

Facebook : www.facebook.com/Exquisite-Beauty-Emporium

Instagram : www.instagram.com/exquisitebeauty_pink/

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  • Exquisite Edge Control

  • Exquisite Mesh Waist Wrap-One Size Fit All

  • Exquisite Satin Head Scarf

  • Exquisite Thick Waist Wrap- One Size Fit All (15CM Wide)

  • Exquisite Waist Wrap

  • Mink Body Wave Bundle Deal (16”/18”/20”)

  • Mink Deep Wave Bundle Deal (16”/18”/20”)

  • Mink Pineapple Wave Bundle Deal (16”/18”/20”)

  • Mink Straight Bundle Deal (16”/18”/20”)

  • Nairobi Foam